SNCF – Technical problem – no cheap ticket

Have you ever tried to purchase a cheap ticket to Milan through the SNCF website ? I did, and failed.Actually I didn't have a chance in the first place.

I love Italy and when I have a meeting there I take the advantage to stay couple of days there. So when the invitation arrived to visit Milan, I started checking my options. Officially there is a low cost flight from Marseilles to Milan with “My Air” ,Practically this company probably does not yet have planes, and I failed to find any flight. So I headed to the SNCF site, and there I found a trip from Nice to Milan direct.

Great, now I have to find the prices, the low cost ticket costs 15 Euro while the expensive one 30 Euro. The difference is 100% so I obviously wanted to purchase the cheap one. I found the time and the date and clicked “purchase” and… nothing “Technical error, try again later” even though such as error message shows that something is wrong with the website I somehow tend to blame the incompatibility with the Firefox (I am a proud Firefox user) so I tried the MSIE and… Technical error try again later.


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