Dating Services on line – summery and who is the winner

Dating websties are flooding the web, the traditional ones cost money. New evolution of dating websites bring dating services free to the users. some good and some less, After a long test a winner is found !

Dating was always a traffic attractor. People are always looking for love/lust, either in their area or around the world, and they are willing to pay for it. Why not ? After all its easier to send a message that in the worst case will not be answered rather then to pick someone up, down the street, with a brilliant punch line and risk a rejection up ones face or rather a massive embracing slap.

Therefore Dating websites are very successful though can produce limited success in actual matching.

Most traditional dating website are playing a dirty game. They offer the user Free registration, “why not join in its free, become one of ten thousand/1 million” etc… They just wouldn't mention that the rest cost and quite a lot. The result is quite annoying as the user is actually contributing the website database, however not allowed to use it. He/She gives her details for free, being added and counted as one of the users, but not allowed to communicate and sometimes does not even allow to search as long as he/she doesn't pay. So whenever you find a website saying “Registration free / Join free” stay away from this site.

Actually all dating websites today offers the same features, and especially the bothersome match maker. An idiotic concept claiming to find your appropriate match according to the hundreds of forms you (and your potential match) had filled, this is how a man in French, 44 years old receive an exact match… A woman from Alabama, USA 21 years old that loves clubbing and Brad Pit.

The traditional and old dating sites are spending huge amounts of money on promotion and apart from the obvious affiliation programs some of them are even advertising in the TV and down the streets. This type of expensive advertising is proving that they are less secure in their positions and are trying to reach those that are not typical computer users. This is a result of the massive growth in different new dating websites and the very unreliable search engines results.

Many dating site are concentrating in specific communities such as jdate (Jewish communities around the world) or in localization such as Meetic (French dating sites). Some are heading to the hardcore of the problem (sex) and some even deeper.

However the web is evolving, growing and changing and recently began to show the result that we all expected to see 4 years ago, i.e. Income from advertising. Today every website can gain income from his visitors and they don't have to do much simply click once or twice on an advertising located on any page. The statistics shows that a website is the best and most profitable (in direct proportion to the investment) then any advertising media !

Making money of a website require traffic and therefore more an more website that traditionally considers as high traffic sites and being built, however this time for free. The problem is that the market is stuffed with free dating websites and using the search engines provide nothing but a massive amount of results that cannot be filtered.

Some of these new websites are completely without filter therefore been used by women from the 3rd world to look for a husband in order to get a European/American citizenship. Some others are even more problematic as most messages a user get is actually phishing frauds or the Nigerian style fraud letters. A normal user will find that out very fast and will get away from there. However many others are completely legitimate.

All these websites starts from a big zero and therefore struggle to stand on their feet, after all people will, logically, go to a website with a large database rather then an empty one.

Personally I wish people would have a wider vision and longer patience as if they would back up the free one (and this is true to all sites) we would all have a much more free improved services.

New websites like these are usually built with a several hundreds dollars worth automatic dating site builder (i have check some) some are offering a clone of the big ones, but almost all of them provide nothing new, and exactly the same problems but with an empty database.

In order to gain visitors an initial database is required, in order to create the initial database faked profile are being created and e-mails from faked women are being sent to encourage those that registered.

Promoting a new dating site is an extremely complicated mission and has to be done virally rather then count on the traditional tools, and virally is depended on users good will or taste.

Just to make it understood how complicated it is to find something on the google search engine a search after “Free Dating” brought up 88,000,000 results. The word “Dating” alone provide 10,000,000 results. On the second search engine the Yahoo! “free dating” provides 147,000,000 and the word “dating” 315,000,000 results. How can anyone promote anything this way ?

One new website that went as far as possible is the XONE8 ( This site was recently launched (Feb 14, even the date was calculated – Valentine day). The Xone 8 is completely free, the word money, or credit card does no appear of any of its' pages. Its extremely rich of features, full of toys to play with and if you will use it right you can 'not only promote yourself as a dating candidate but also build a business network and even find a job. The xone8, though a dating website was built as a social network, with all the possible tools a social network can offer.

Unlike other dating sites registering to it does not means income tax like forms (actually you don't have to fill forms at all). It does not offer a match maker, as it counts on you the user to be smarter then a stupid algorithm.

It does offer a very comprehensive search using keywords taken from the blog (you can write one so easily that you will be surprise you didn't write a blog earlier), this search will grab the keywords out of your blog, this way if you visited Paris and liked it someone may find you and may take you there again.

As I already mentioned forms are not required to be filled at all, this is one pain in the ass saved, after all this mission is a time consuming and if you are really looking for a date you do it in more then a single website and its exhausting.

Xone8 is a highly invested website, not only money but plenty of thoughts has been given to the users experience, interface and the features. Even though it started running less then a month ago it already started gathering a motion. After checking hundreds of them, I can easily say its the best one around. And its really Completely Free !