Brave Johnny in Belgium

Hi! My name’s Fabrice Luchini. I had a bad dream last night. Let me tell you about it.

I was just sleeping and dreaming of a new world free from tax, French poodles, French fries and French loaves.

I was a typical Frenchman on a minimum wage on a RER train at 6 a.m. listening to the cd of my favorite singer, Johnny H. Suddenly, I saw my national hero, my idol wearing the Coats of Arms of Belgium facing an army of tax inspectors ready to split his bag of money in two. I could not believe it.

Johnny was a brave knight . Sure, but how could he defend himself without his army of fans?

I realized I had to save him even at the risk of my life.


So, I decided to hoist the tax exile flag that was the symbol of civil disobedience. The tax inspectors ‘ reaction was immediate. They moved away from him, begging on their knees for Brave Johnny’s forgiveness. They promised they would never try to tax his fortune anymore but they would put the poor people’s tax rates up instead.Yet, Brave Johnny turned his back on them. It was too late. He was already breaking into a gallop to the tax haven of the Belgian Kingdom.

The only thing I remember when I woke up is that I was crying like a desparate child waiting for the return of Johnny , the new brave tax exile, my French national hero lost in Belgium and obliged to eat Belgian fries for the rest of his life.

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