An international business exhibition center ? Why not ?

A new business enterprise has been launched this week, filling the huge gaps left by the business networks. The PMBCom system aims to become the first on-line and communication center for businesses, companies and private people all over the world, by providing them the capability of a multi-media presentation tools as well as direct unconditional communication capabilities.

Did you ever dream of receiving a phone call through the Skype from a foreign company saying: “We have just seen your products and we would like to order”?. In the current Internet setup it's hardly possible, after all not everyone is positioned in the first page of the Google/Yahoo search engines, and obviously if you are not there you do not exist. Business networks are an amazing tools however they actually offer you a massive e-mail address book and it's impossible to use it properly, due to the hundred limitations placed by the systems original setup, your personal account and your contacts' own limitations.

A new system was launched to solve this problem. The PMBCom (Presentation Management and Business Communication). The PMBCom is not a network, though it offers most of the networks capabilities and even provide link to it's users Linkedin (The largest business network on-line) profile. The PMBCom provide the users plenty of tools to managed their tasks, events, address books, to build up a showcase of their products using a special product showcase application, images of their works (if they are visible of course), publish their classified ads, Publish and distribute their Press releases and articles, and as expected from earlier declarations publish their video promos, presentations, training or video blogs.

The Presentation features are nice and extended and supported by one of the world expert in the digital video and multimedia Amit Mendelsohn (who set up the system), But it doesn't end here. The PMBCom offers a public chat room as well as a private chat room for every user to conduct his business meetings, a direct access to the business e-mail and of course a click straight to its' Skype account. Using the PMBCom is free, completely and unconditionally free so why not save the users the money on the communication.

Though the system is acapable of holding all users' information it is linked directly to their existing content such as linkedin profile, their homepages and blogs, so basically if one do not want to work hard one can simply register and place the relevant links, though that means lesser efficiency.

The PMBCom can be accessed through the web at ,however a desktop software is available for download (Free). The software is a great solution to hold your exhibition on your desktop without having to browse or to search for it in your bookmarks, not to mention the fact that it contains video recording and uploading tools for those that would like to use their webcam or capture devices, and for those that already have a ready made video presentation it offers converter and upload utility.

Like all systems its based on the will of the users, and the more people will join in the more it will be effective and the growth will be immense, and there is no reason why not. A free solution, that provides the whole package, flexible enough to add more and more features, contain all the relevant tools needed for a business in any given size, supported by experts in all the relevant fields (networking, multimedia, internet and international business).

The PMBCom management is currently negotiating with several potential affiliates to enable the system user to be paid for written articles, free press release distribution, free website hosting and plenty of other goodies that will make it far more attractive and efficient. Translation of the system to 6 additional languages already started (French, German, Italian, Spanish, Hebrew). In the main page you will find a fast (Really fast) tour within the system and an introduction video.


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