The best way to destroy the education system

Jacques Attali suggest that pupils gives grades to their teacher. It was tried in some other places' like the Israeli universities and the result was a massive reduction in the quality of the students.

Jacques Attali is an educated person however he isn't always thinks deep enough. His latest suggestion to Sakozy can be dealy to the education system. Mr. Attalli suggest that pupils will gives grades to their teachers. This things has been tried in the Israeli Universities and surprisingly the grades of the students went up to the sky. Not because they are better, actually they are getting worse then ever. Simply because the professors are afraid that their own grades will be low. 


The whole idea is stupid as how can a pupil in school grade their teachers ? What knowledge do they posses to do this ? They are pupils, they are supposed to learn, they probably have good teachers and bad teachers but they can't make the different, all they know is that, they like this teacher and they don't like the other one. If a pupil will have the right to grade a teahcer, it will put him in the same level of the teacher and therefore the respect will be gone and revenge will be part of the education system… i.e you grade me too low i will grade you as well, these are kids after all. 


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  1. AMITM
    Quel dommage! je ne maîtrise pas l’Anglais suffisamment pour vous répondre, mais j’ai compris que d’apres J. ATTALI, les étudiants Français devraient donner une « note » à leurs professeurs. C’est le Monde à l’envers, Parole de PROF. de Français!!

  2. The knowledge to give marks
    By rule the students position is lower, they are being thought somthing they don’t know by a teacher. How can they give marks to someone about something they don’t know ?

  3. On sait bien qu’Attali et N$ s’entendent comme larrons en foire !
    Mais Golgotha est loin , très loin !!!

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