Rugby World Cup in Marseille ? impossible

Marseille is a major host of the Rugby world cup. Amazing things happening here, people actually started working !

The rugby world cup will start today. The streets of Marseille are full of big people wearing black shirts, that chase the All-blacks all over the world. But the really big story is the city itself. In Gare Saint Charles where the lines in front of the ticket boots are legend, there are no more lines ! All the cases are occupied by nice young girls (instead of the old sulky ladies) and these girls speaks English also ! unbelievable. Information booth is also available and this is almost revolutionary in a station that never provided a single basic information piece to anyone.

In the streets you can see cleaners ! Yes, in the city that its mayor and citizen believe it will be cleaned by itself, there are cleaners. Don't underestimate the mission the dirth of Marseille cannot easily be scrapped, after so many years of keeping it as a symbol. 

RTM placed their people in the metro stations to help those that cannot find their way. These people will disappear right after the games and the tourists that will follow will be helpless once again.

People are actually working in the city that represent the laziest part of France.  

The building works are over, there is a new tramway, new bicycle bays even the metro tunnels smells of cleaning materials rather then the traditional smell of fish. 

Marseille is ready for the world cup !