Revenge and don’t believe anyone that say, no !

Two years ago, I was celebrating too early. Who would have known that my beloved team Milan will go to sleep for 6 minutes and wake up with 3 goals advantage erased. But this year it the revenge…

I have a confession, I love the Italian football, I hate the English football. I am one of those that remember that 5-6 out of the 11 people in a team are defenders, and that defense has a style also. Anyone that have seen Paolo Maldini takes a ball from an attacker knows what I mean. I hate English football, because its boring and it would have been dead a long time ago without the foreign players.


Tonight, my team (A.C. Milan) will meet one of the ugliest football teams in the history of football, it was the same two years ago, and there was no doubt about who was better, only these six damn minutes and a bad goalkeeper (Milans') and a bastard one (Liverpools') took the cup of our hands.

Milan is not better these days, and Liverpool still plays the same ugly football. But Milan will always remember these six minutes and if they will keep playing the way they did with Manchester then we can expect another cup.

Liverpool unlike most English teams has a defense and a good solid defense, Milan defense is far more experienced however far older and have to keep a constant eye on their goalkeeper because they cannot trust him. Milan attack is something else, while Liverpool has almost no attack Milan has Kaka on the back and probably Inzaghi in front of him, fast sharp and always ready to kill.

The Milan midfield has two fractions those that supposed to destroy the opponents attacks (Pirlo, Gatusso, and Ambrosini) and those that build them (Seedorf, Pirlo and Kaka, yes, I know he is everywhere). Liverpool has Steven Gerrard, which is a great solid player, but nowhere close to the any of Milans', and while the whole team is build on his emotional energy, Milan is a complete team.


I believe this game is the revenge, I will not forget the last one and I doubt if any of Milan fans, and players will ever do. Don't believe anyone that says he doesn't think of a revenge, we all do, and hopefully we will have it. Yes, we will spit blood to get it, Liverpool is as tough as any Italian team, but we will have it.