Private bitorrents why is it good for

Bitorrent is a file sharing smart protocol, there are hundreds of tracking bitorrent servers online however there are also private one (mostely british). what is this and what is it good for ?

Bitorrent is a protocol to allow smart file sharing between private computers (peers) rather then online. the technology is smart and beautiful. It allows people sharing files online without holding them on a web server, unlike a web storage the more people that are trying to get a file the faster the file download will go. Why ? because the bitorrent protocol collect the file piece by piece not in the straight order but according to what available, that means available to those that are connected right now. Basically it forces every download to be shared (unless you specifically stop it). On a Bitorrent service you can find anything (legal or not): movies, music, software, books etc…

There are the big torrents such as the pirate bay and Mininova , free and open as it should be, both of them has been threatened by all the big companies for allowing pirac, and Pirate bay even made their home page a gallery of all those threat letters. There are those you have to pay for , which i still try to figure what is the point. and there are the private ones.


There are two private English torrents,UKnova and Both of them are small but contain great stuf, however due to the bandwidth requirement from such a service they cannot hold enough user and constantly delete accounts, is the worst as they created thousands of ridicoulus rules to make sure they will be able to delete people accounts often.

What i do not understand is why is it needed ? why does people bother to upload torrents (the file that contains the details of thecontent available on their computer) to a private service which is so limited ? after all they may be kicked for not providing a reasonable details for their file or for offering another torrent of the same file (which supposed to be good) so why to bother ?

But I stopped trying to understand English and women a long time ago (and I am married to an English woman !).

How do you start ? thats very easy. download the software utorrent which is a client running on your computer and install it. after installing open it. and use the search after selecting the site. when you get the list, click the download this torrent. and it will open on the Utorrent software, let it run untill you get all the file and… thats it.

Don't bother with private torrents and stay away from the… the guys there are touchy, and you will find yourselves blocked very fast if you dare to do something.