How desperate can people be ?? !!

18 bodies was found in the international water closed to Malta. Taken by the French marines to be identified in Toulon. Nobody knows who they are, where they came from and where they are going to.

How desperate can people be, to cross the Mediterranean on a rotting ship, risking their lives, knowing that the chances that even if they succeed they will probably will not allowed to stay and will be sent back, which means endangering their lives once again from the wrath of their countries authorities.

18 bodies were found in the international water not far from Malta, The Maltese knew that they are on the way and they are in troubles, however they simply didn't do anything. Now that there are only bodies the French are taking them to France to be identified.

18 anonymous bodies, nobody knows where were they coming from (only general direction is almost obvious, North Africa) and where they were heading to.

This is another view of the immigration problem Europe is in, especially the countries along the Mediterranean sea.

These people are desperate and their only hope is the humanity of the European countries, however this humanity is shaking up the European countries and immigration endanger the stability for the long term and in some cases for the short term also.

Unfortunately the only solution is the one the Maltese selected, to ignore, Europe is already flooded with immigrants from North Africa and France is facing plenty of internal problems because of it, it could not allow more immigration and that means having to be inhuman. On the other hand… how desperate can people be to risk their lives like this, how bad can it be over there where they came from ? We will never understand the answer !