How a desparate search for a job becomes a business

Since I finished my last contract in France I am looking for a job, an almost impossible mission in Europe where technology is an underground industry. Look what happened when I became desparate !

In the last year I have been trying to find a job in France and Europe, a hard mission in a place where technology almost does not exist, especially for someone with a massive experience as myself. French recruiters and the French industry managers are conservative and they refuse to acknowledge 23 years of experience and they preffer for young graduated without any experience at all. The employers are intimidated by an experienced expert with managerial experience thinking that this person may endanger their position… […/…]


So… When the things gets tough I decided to use my knowledge and created an animated video CV, And as an expert I distributed it withing my networks. The results were surprising. Not only that head hunters contacted me, people start offering me projects and positions but the most important thing is that many people and businesses asked me to make this kind of CV for them.

You can Watch the video and decide on your own

The animated CV is not a replacement for a CV its an attraction it supposed to attract people to read your CV, and it works, after all the recruiters are just human being and its really a boring job to read CVs and profiles all day. The alternative of a video interview where a person talks in front of a camera is no less boring and even worst because it requires the person to be calm and not many people can be calm in front of a camera, and it expose him completely earlier than it shoud be, he may be insecure in front of a camera but an expert in his profession he may be ugly but still be perfect for the job.

The responds for the animated CV were amazing… from professional and from recruiters… so now I have a business and job offers…

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