Domain names – The saga continue

This is actually chapter 3 in the domain name saga, the Domain registrars fight back and play dirty.

So the ICANN people got involved and forced my registrar (Network solutions) to unblock my domain name and make them ready for transfer.

So I was ready to finish the operation when an e-mail from "Network solutions arrived" and suddenly the price for renewal is not $ 34 a year but $ 15 a year. For me it was too late and I started the process, but before that I was required to modify my whois contact details. So I did it, got the confirmation and continued the process.

I got all the confirmations I needed, but then an e-mail from Network solutions arrived again saying that because I modifyed my contact details I cannot transfer the domain for 2 months now !!! 2 months ? that force me actually to renew the domain within Network solutions again. and… surprise, surprise  5 minutes later a mail from Network solutions arrived and says that I can renew my domain name for… $ 34 again.

Its not ended yet but then another problem occur to one of my customers which is registered with Who is (another dinasour) and they say that his domain expired.

The e-mail we received say (read it carefuly):

 Based on our record you have registered domain for 3 years ( ie 02-feb-2006 - 02-feb-2008) 
 my calculation shows that between feb 2006 and feb 2008 only 2 years past  

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