Do we really need these gadgets

As an expert and a collector of Gadgets, i recently started thinking about the current products in the market today. Do we really need these sophisticated smart phones and other devices ?

Yesterday I found myself standing in front of the new Acer Eee small palmtop salivating, but after some though i actually realized that i do not need something like this. It is small and nice (my old pocket PC is much smaller), it can run skype play music, video and play games, it has Wi-fi, an office suite and… Well not much more then my windows mobile 2003 pocket pc (4 years old). it has only 4gb of storage memory which is ridicoulous for a computer… 

So i left it there and actually i started wondering about all these gadgets around me: 

I have a cellular phone which isn't a smart phone however it is smart enough. It has an MP3 player built in, camera with video capabilities and it can play 3gp video files. But… As MP3 player the sound is too low and even in maximum volume people complain its too low. the screen is nice but too small to watch video…

but lets talk about the built in camera, which is a nice feature but useless:  Due to the size limitation it uses CMOS sensor which is slow to react and awfully bad quality. the width of the lenses doesn't allow pictures to be taken as they are and the distance from the object caused it to be lost, therefore no distance shots are possible.

But as phone its great…

 I also have an MP3 player with video capability however the screen is so small its impossible to use it properly .  

so, in order to achieve maximum efficiency i use the phone as…a phone, the camera as a camera and the mp3 as an mp3… the pocket pc is also nice and in emergency cases will do some work but it will never replace my laptop.


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  1. Acer and Asus eee
    somehow, though i am a little confused because of it Both acer and Asus has the palm top and they both call it eee

    in france SFR market it in Euro 199 (with obligation to use SFR 3G services) and You can buy it on FNAC in 299 Euro without any obligation

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