Unlimited web hosting ? is that possible ? officially there is, practically its a very smart freud. Be carefull.

One day When I was looking for a cheap massive storage for a project I design I discovered Unlimitedhostweb.com. Their announcement was amazing $ 3.95 and you have an unlimited storage and unlimited traffic ! So I registered…

This is a freud and a very smart one also !


An unlimited server is good only for one thing Video and Audio file sharing. Officially you can upload as many files as you like, place on it as many domains as you want, and allow unlimited traffic to pass through.

What do you really get ? or shall i rather say don't get.

A bare serve that runs only HTML properly. Officially you can install a database (MySQL, SQL) on it, practically you have no access to the server but through FTP.

So you cannot install a normal application that will use this "Unlimited bandwidth".

The PHP is limited and most PHP application will not run on it, the "Excellant" professional service, will not modify the PHP.INI so if you can install a system (I failed in installing everything I tried) so the limited upload is always 2mb. You can try using upload using forms but they eliminated the method "POST" therefore you cannot upload or place any type of form.

So no chance to use this service as a file sharing solution like Youtube. So I started uploading files via FTP, these files were large and important for the project I am developing. After awhile I discovered that the system administrator deleted all my files directory (20 gigabytes) they did it twice and later they remove my domain completely. No, they didn't ask anything they just did it. Why ? They claim I was abusing their system (By uploading a lot of files to an unlimited service !) the files were videos and part of a test we are running for a new service.

So they found I have a lot of traffic and decided to breach my privacy and enter my personal files and without asking me anything to delete them.

Unlimitedwebhost is a resseler of onedollarhost which probably have the same policy. This service is useless ! and doesn't even worth 1 dollar. It does not offer you the ability to upload at all and it is probably good for HTML only sites, but nobody today use HTML only websites.

be carefull this is a freud !