(Marseilles, France), launches a new service that will enable users to create their own radio station or audio blogs online.

The company is considered a leading player in the multimedia and digital video field for many years has decided a different approach toward the web blogs.

“Writing a blog is fine however not everybody is capable of writing well, Video blog is nice but too complicated for the ordinary user: Hardware, light, sound, editing, conversion etc… most people cannot handle that and the statistics shows that the amount of the original material produced by the users is ridiculous” Says Mr. Amit Mendelsohn the owner of of the company.

The user has to register and will receive a personal application that will provide him access to his administration panel and a very easy to use recording program. The player can be embedded everywhere on any webpage and the codes are available on the administration panel. Every user will be able to create several channels using the genre definition and to create a different player for each one of them.

The players are also a flexible matter, a user can create a player with or without the play list, auto playing or button activated.

“We have tested plenty of solutions to allow our users the simplest as well as the most flexible tool” added the CTO of the company.

The company that owned the Videowebgate TV portal as well as a private business community ( PMBCom) is a solution provider as well as an Internet consultant, and its owner Mr Mendelsohn is one of the pioneers in the field of video and audio offline and online.

The new system is available at