My first 14th in July in France and I have learned that what I always called fireworks is nothing more then kids stuff.

14th in July, my first official celebration in France. I went down the Vieux Port along with probably all the city and its' suburbs, and about the same number of tourists. I always knew that the fireworks in France are a spactacle. i even tried to watch the one they produce on the beach of Tel-Aviv (Israel) 2 years ago (and got stuck in the worst traffic jam ever been in Israel, and never reached there). A month earlier the kids around Marseille are making the dogs nervous by exploding things. and when we reached the beautiful port we found out that they still have enough stok to blow up the city. People told me that this kind of stuff is illegal in France however you can get it everywhere, and the policemen didn't really bother to handle this even though it was dangerous. But then I have learned to accept the impotency of the French police.

Journalist were all over the port as these kinds of spactacles are a source of big troubles… and then the show started…

The first time in my life that I realize that what I have seen up to now was not really fireworks, the show was amazing, and done in the best place with the beautiful background of the the Vieux Port and its surrounding.

I took a video of it but… frankly, no camera can describe what the eye can see, if you still interested click here to watch it.