We all suspected that the European Parliament is a waste of money but nobody realize how big is the waste and how easily it can be cut. Once again its the tax payers that pay for it. Even if the waste is necessary, and its not. a little technology can greatly reduce it. 


Recently I have been visiting Strasbourg Taking photographs for a story I made on the "Capital of Christmas". Entering the city The first thing I saw was a demonstration of the workers of the EU Parliament demanding for salary raises. This is outrageous as anyone that accepted to work there is being paid a starting salary of 4000 euro !! The European parliament is known to be a money burner institution having a huge amount of representatives and expensive buildings in two different and expensive cities. Every year the European parliament is moving between Brussels and Strasbourg. This transfer costs 200 million a round ! And include transferring literally everything including files. The EU parliament never heard of digital files, yes those files we store on a computer and with a little to no knowledge at all we can work on them from remote location. I guess saving money isn’t the first priority of the EU parliament, spending it obviously is.