If you are hosting your internet website in Verio services you probably noticed that its an expensive service. What you don't yet know is what will happened when you will cut it and will not be careful  enough.

I have 6 websites two of them were hosted in Verio  (american company belong to the Japanese NTT). As all the hosting services offer pretty much the same conditions i kept one account there. Big Mistake.  Only lately I discovered that for the 20 US$ i am paying monthly i am allowed only  10GB storage so I decided to close the account and move it to another hosting service.
The usual situation the old hosting is closing your account in the end of the month charge you for the last month and… its done. Not Verio, they have a tric that will cost you a lot of you will not be careful:
Verio close your account on the spot and create instead a limited acount, that supposed to be free  with limited data transfer of 25mb. The result is thatin this specific month there are good chances that you have surpassed this 25mb limit and they will extra charge you (140$ in my case). I am not the only one and complaints has been filed more then once. 
What can you do ?

1. If you consider hosting account – NOT VERIO 
2. If you already have one in Verio  – close your account as near as possible to the 1st of the month when the monthly data transfer is near 0, transfer any domain name you have on verio to another service (so that they will not have the claim that you have an account there) before leaving delete everything you have on verio server !
 3. Let as many as possible people read this article !