Is there really someone out there on the Internet to help us ? Yes there is, The ICANN ! After 2 months of fighting with my Registrar I complained to the ICANN and in less then 24 hours the problem was solved !

I recently described my problem with my Registrar (Network solutions) that decided to triplicate the price of the domain name renewal but when I wanted to transfer my domains I found them locked, to defend them from privacy they say but I didn't ask for this defence.

2 months I tried to contact the support and got only polite automatic answering promising that the support will contact me.. and nothing.

So I contacted the ICANN  CEO and within 24 hours i got an answer from the person in charge, that contacted the "Network Solutions"  that immedietelly contacted me, open the lock and allow me to transfer my comains to the registrar I choosed.

ICANN is the organization that responsible for the domain names system all over the world. This organization is also responsible for the competition (i.e. instead of 2 Regostrars when i started there are now more then 900 ). and obviously ICANN people are doing their job. The most important conclusion is not to give up, you have the right, and the Internet isn't a wild west, the is a sherif.