Finally a president that work, and they complain

After so many presidents that did nothing to justify their salaries French has a president that work, he is everywhere doing everything, but somehow the French are not satisfy.

For many years French presidents enjoyed the privileges of doing nothing living comfortably in their palace and letting everybody else run the country. The results were very sad: Bad economy, Crime without punishment, Immigration without control, Ridicuolus Foreign policy that denied the only real power in the world, Failure to understand the globalization and be ready for it, high unemployment rate, total control of the unions etc…

Suddenly there is a real sherif in town, he is everywhere, he is talking and doing (the bulgarian nurses, the minimum service law and more to come). Sarkozy seems to run the show on its own. But the French doesn't like to see their president move so much and they complain. They complain that its not democratic – and forget that the president in France has ultimate power. They complain that he use his wife too often and nobody elected her, and they forget that the president is allowed to take any counsellor he wants (and this one isn't even paid !)

So ladies and gentlemen, Sarkozy was elected in a democratic procedure that gave him the ultimate power. He nominated a government and he has the right to give it missions or to do it himself (if he think he can do it better). He is everywhere because he needs to show that he is there to gain his voters confidence. 12 years with Jacques Chirac made you forget that a president belong to the public ?

For those who are still worried, don't worry, he will get tierd, as we used to say in the arm: "A new broom sweep well". Soon he will no longer be a new broom !