offers an interesting website concept

People do not read, they have no patient and no time. Recruiters doesn't bother to read CVs (they compare). Surfers does not waste more then a minute and a half on a business website, and the message is lost. offers and interesting solution. instead of breaking the head to force the users to read more they offer them less and in more attractive way.


Assuming you are 40 + years old and you would like to find a job. Your CV will probably be long and impressive but nobody will read it, especialy not in France when the recruiters are either lazy or simply clerks with no knowledge.

You have abusiness website and you worked for hours to build it wrote thousands of words explaining in details what it does. Don't bother, statistics shows that the average users is spending a minute and a half on a website and in most cases doesn't even pass the first page. offers an intersting solutions for this problem: A video, animated attractive with music and rythm. It works for a CV (recruiters responds on the company sites are amazing) and it works even more on websites/products/ services.The concept of Videosite is a simple concept, the site contain one page the says everything in a…. a minute and a half, funny light attractive and to the point, the message has been delivered. If the user want to go deeper thats fine.

The company started running few weeks ago and has some beautiful portfolio of actual customers: for products services and CVs, and videosites of course. almost every customer of the company seems to be in love. many of them sells is services. Here is the latest video… there are more on the company site.