Subtitles are needed for promotional video simply to make them understood by as many people as possible, that means hearing impared people, as well as those that does not understand the original language of the movie and many of those that their sound system isn't good enough. Here is how you do it and links to get the tools.

A good video require subtitles for several reasons: First, not everyone speaks your language, second, not everyone can hear properly due to his/hers sound system, and third many people are simply hard of hearing or deaf. Therefore if you would like your video to be understood as well you better add subtitles. In order to do this you need a software.

The first thing you need is the Media Subtitler (Click Here to download). With this software you will be able to create a subtitle file (Formats .Sub or .Srt) in full sync with the movie you have. After you are done you can either name it in the same way as your video file (different Extension of course) but that will only do for a playback on the computer. If you want to embedd the subtitles into the movie and create a single file you will need another software AVI-Recomp (click here to download). The Avi Recomp will take an AVI file allow you to bundle it with the subtitles and recompress it to XVID format (AVI) that will include the subtitles in it. Now if you want this file online you will need to convert it to a file that suit streaming and to your player/system online either FLV of WMV. The video Clipmaker (Click here to download) will allow you to convert to FLV and Distribute it. FLV format suit almost all the video hosting services and the software provides a link to all of them. The results you can see in our full movies section.

Sound like a hard work ? Depend on the size of the movie. However if you intend to use your movie for promotion then its a must.

If you are interested in locating subtitles for full movies here are two links you can find almost any set of subtitles to any movie:



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