In the current era, crimes are classified among the highest dreadful side effects on the scale of our triumphantly digitized contemporaneity. Unfortunately, these sins are highly widespread in all world societies caused by a series of caustic reasons such as drugs, parents neglect, inappropriate friends, or psychological problems. Additionally, people commit crimes for any reason to satisfy their desires even though sometimes there are no reasons at all. Nowadays, myriad kinds of harsh crimes from various categories (social, economical, and political.etc) have seen the light. These commitments have led to detrimental drawbacks first on the person responsible for this inhuman act and second on the innocent society no matter the reason why.

First of all, anyone who chooses to resolve his personal conflicts by doing a forbidden act finds himself facing an extremely hard life fool of unpleasant feelings (regret, unhappiness, and social punishments). Firstly, such persons loose certainly the sense of humanity and undoubtedly the social respect of their society and their country in general. Furthermore, the unforgiving irresponsible crime is tattooed in his personal folder for the rest of his planned miserable life in caught by the justice. In addition, a difficult life and painful feelings haunts him forever all ended by a precarious and pathetic days in the jail. These persons are irremediably stuck in their mean deeds, tasting the bitterness of their choice.

Admittedly, these crimes lead to erroneously foolish results on the responsible in the 1st order, but the society effectively suffers more considering the left prints at the end of the crime. On the first hand, he innocent victims of the lunatic inexorable decision are dangerously insecure mostly pay it with their precious lives, this sometimes galvanizes others to do the same for instance for revenge. Moreover, both the society and the country take a bad reputation because of these serious crimes. Besides, the government will be considered irresponsible among his citizens in the 1st place and the whole world in the 2nd order for not taking strict decisions and applying eradicating laws against these crimes. The societies all over the world are taking the burden of the crimes in their shoulders.

All in all, the government should work on making some perspectives and apply the most suitable ones to prevent people from engendering egregious outcomes on themselves, their society, and their countries. By having a strong determination and a gold faith, correcting people and leading them to the right way won’t be a far-fetched target but an ideal closer than ever.